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Homemade NY style pizza


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My friend had never had Grandma Pizza before. He told me after eating your pizza that I've ruined pizza now for him, because nothing will ever taste as good. Seriously though, you guys have the beat Grandma pizza in NYC.


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1st time customer.. Food came a bit before the estimated time.. I tried something I never had (chick parm-with speg) and it was GREAT..and the delivery guy was nice! Can't wait to try something else!


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Excellent!! Food arrived fast and hot plus the delivery guy was very nice! The grandma pizza is square which I wasnt expecting but its very tasty. Definitely will be ordering from here again.


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Good as usual. Was fast, hot, always good flavor. Real NY pizza spot. Got the penne vodka, meatball hero ( bread was soft, which I like), and of course the pizza slices taste like a real NY slice.


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When La Nonna closed in williamsburg I thought the best grandma pie in NYC went with it. But after many many disappointing replacements, I finally found Rocco's!!
GREAT Grandma Pie.
At last!!

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i order from rocco iii often because they are reliable, reasonably priced and the pizza is good. theyre always on time, the crust is fully cooked (surprisingly hard to find), and the cheese pie is seasoned just enough to make it a cut above your typical cheap pizza. after trying out most places available to me in crown heights theyre still the best for solid ny style pizza. thanks rocco!!


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I order from here all the time. Their pizza and pasta are awesome and they have REALLY good rich tomato sauce which is what makes me love or hate a place. They also have way more calzone options than anywhere else around here and the calzones are huge. Obviously I'm a calzone fan. Delivery time is always about what the estimate is and the food is always hot when it gets here. 0 complaints


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Best NY pizza in bed stuy. Only complaint is not with Rocco's but with bad tippers who have forced Rocco's to implement a $2 delivery fee. 20% people!! Just tip the people who deliver your food- what is so hard to understand? Maybe that's why your food takes so long to get to you and mine comes right on time


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Delivery on time and friendly. Eggplant parm w/ pasta was the best! The food was fresh, with generous portions. I just don't care for breaded hot wings. Also there could have been a tad bit more cheese on the second layer of fries. 5 stars nonetheless..


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The sauce on this pizza is amazing! The crust was crunchy with a little char. The taste of authenticity is undeniable. My roommates asked were I got it from, so you may have a few new customers. So good. I didn't share. Lol

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Calzones, Pasta, Pizza, Salads
Delivery: 11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Takeout: 11:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Come to Rocco Pizza III, a locally owned and operated restaurant offering the best in homemade, New York-style pizza and Italian delights. Rocco Pizza III is the classic family restaurant offering delicious recipes in a casual setting. We create delicious pizzas and traditional Italian foods made by real Italians to satisfy your cravings, and we are dedicated to serving hot, fresh meals every time you call for delivery or takeout or visit our restaurant.